[Vit-discuss] Top Ruby Projects algorithm?

James Edward Gray II james at grayproductions.net
Tue Sep 5 09:53:30 EDT 2006

On Sep 4, 2006, at 2:07 PM, James Britt wrote:

> It's unclear to me how such things get
> decided, or when, though it seems that whomever is doing the actual  
> work
> on this or that just makes a decision and goes with it.    (Which  
> may be
> a reasonable way to do things.  At least stuff gets done.)

That's how we do it, yes.  It's probably not the most democratic  
process we realize, but it's hard to imagine slowing a process that  
has taken over a year down even more.

We really do want the majority of the community to love the majority  
of the site, but sometimes we have to make a judgement call so things  
can move forward.

I was for the excerpts over the semi-random listing when it was  
discussed, but John felt it would be a maintenance sink.  Now that  
I've seen the excellent write-up on glark, I realize how right he was.

We can't fit that much info in the sidebar, so we would have to  
settle for links to pages on the site somewhere.  The pages need to  
continue to be made and the links updated...  Did I mention that it  
took over a year to get the content we have now?  ;)

We want to keep the Ruby Home Page more static than that.  Let's let  
the Blogosphere fill that role, since it's more suited to the task.

James Edward Gray II

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