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Gavin Kistner gavin.kistner at anark.com
Fri Sep 1 17:53:31 EDT 2006

> That there is mistaken conflation of Ruby and Rails is not a 
> good reason to encourage it.

I'm a purist at heart. I like arguing with people about the original
definitions of words.

"Gender applies only to parts of speech, not parts of your anatomy. Get
your puritanical head out of your puritanical ass and just say 'sex'
when you mean 'sex'!"

"You don't feel nauseous, you feel nauseated! Fool!" [1]

But on the inside, deep down, I accept that language is for
communication, and if the majority incorrectly use a term, the majority
are in the RIGHT.

So, I sit on my old-man porch and pound my cane and yell "hear hear!" to
your stance. But internally, and by this message, I respectfully
disagree. If 90% of the site visitors are those looking to learn Rails,
then for the love of all that's holy, let's help them on their path to
using Ruby, not get in their way because they're young and foolish.

And on IRC we can curmudgeonly yell "Rails isn't Ruby! JavaScript isn't
Java! Whippersnappers, you're all fools!"

[1] http://phrogz.net/nodes/nauseous.asp

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