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James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 17:25:49 EDT 2006

James Britt wrote:
> evan at protest.net wrote:
>>Probably a good idea to link to rails documentation page as i'm sure  
>>folks will come here looking for rails documentation.
> And include the Nitro, IOWA, Rmagick, Rake, etc. doc links as well.
> People use them, too, and look for docs about them, too, and Ruby is not 
> about just what's popular.

OK, now here's my more mature, less snarkish suggestion:

Do not link to specific 3rd-party docs.  Instead, explain how to find 
them.  Most Ruby projects of any size or popular use have an entry on 
RubyForge.org.  Tell people to search there. I bet that covers 98% of 
all projects people will look for.

People who do not care to use RF for cvs/svn hosting should consider 
having a bare project entry, with links to where the real code and code 
live, so as to aid in such discovery.

This eliminates any favoritism or popularism , and, more importantly, 
offloads the maintenance of tool/lib documentation info to the people 
who actual own the projects.


James Britt

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