[Vit-discuss] User Groups Page

Matt Todd chiology at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 19:52:55 EDT 2006

[At the top of the page:] "In the programming community, user groups
form support networks for people interested in a certain topics." That
last -s on topic shouldn't be there.

That's a minor edit. I might suggest a general rewording of that first
paragraph. Perhaps this would be an option:

The programming community thrives on interacting with each other, and
user groups form a substantial part of that interaction. User groups
form support networks for people interested or experienced in,
generally focused on particular topics. They create a great place to
increase skill and network with other programmers, as well as
providing for a great social medium. User groups are informal and
organic, their structure varying from group to group and their rules
and schedules molding to fit the needs of the group.


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