[Vit-discuss] User Groups Page

John W. Long ng at johnwlong.com
Thu Aug 31 18:10:14 EDT 2006

pat eyler wrote:
> 1) I like Ruby Brigades as a term, not everyone does, but it might be
> good to mention the term since a lot of Ruby groups call themselves
> brigades.

This is certainly true, but I haven't seen the term used widely outside 
of the Ruby community. If it helps I did mention the term while talking 
about the mailing list.

> 2) hacking nights are gatherings to work on code.  code fests are more
> of a special occassion, often gathering attendees from multiple Ruby
> brigades.

Ok, I've changed it.

> 3) you might want to point out that most Ruby brigades/groups at least
> dabble in Rails too.  I'd hate for Railz0rs to go off and start their own
> group when there's a perfectly good .rb in town.  (I've spent a year
> fighting this tendency on mailing lists already.)

I did not deal with Rails specifically, but I did try to deal with this 
some in the last paragraph:

   If you are interested in forming your own group, be sure to find
   out if there is already a Ruby user group in your area. Larger
   meetings are usually much more fun, so starting your own group may
   not be the best option if there is already one nearby.

I don't think we can adequately express the needs of every sub-culture 
on this page.


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