[Vit-discuss] Ruby-Lang Redesign Feedback Requested

Michal Suchanek hramrach at centrum.cz
Wed Aug 30 04:02:42 EDT 2006

On 8/29/06, John W. Long <ng at johnwlong.com> wrote:
> Jim Weirich wrote:
> > I like the new download button.  But the download page itself seems a
> > little bare.  Suppose I am totally new to Ruby ... I see how to get
> > source, and some windows binaries (and what's the difference between the
> > windows binaries and the windows installer ... I think *I* know, but I'm
> > pretty sure a newbie wouldn't).  I think some description of the
> > differences and then a pointer to installation instructions would be
> > helpful.   Also, there was a recent discussion of the best way to
> > install on OSX (source, darwinports, etc).  Some pointers for that might
> > be nice.
> This is a good point. If someone's willing to pull together some text
> for this, we may be able to change the page before we put it live.
> Otherwise, it may need to come latter.

More bits about downloads:

There is a link 'Libraries' on the main page. Not all stuff in RAA and
on RubyForge can be intuitevely seen as a library. When there was a
RAA link on the old page it was obvious. An application archive. But
now if I was searching for a framework or a finished program (as
opposed to a library) I would not know where to look.

Second, the link to the page that is now labeled "libraries" should be
also from the download page.



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