[Vit-discuss] Ruby-Lang Redesign Feedback Requested

Gavin Kistner gavin.kistner at anark.com
Tue Aug 29 12:11:16 EDT 2006

> > Combining the two above, what if the headers for the sub-sections
> > given the upper-left rounding, and (through font size increase,
> > increase, or button size decrease) made to be the same height as the
> > Download Ruby button?
> But that would associate the boxes too closely with the download

Damn, I was hoping no one would notice that flaw in my logic. :)
Aesthetics over functionality is, in fact, what I was suggesting.

> Part of the problem with adding something this significant to the
> this late in the game is that it often ends up looking "tacked on" (as

> it does in this case).
> The original focus of the design was to showcase Ruby, then to give 
> people of various skill levels places to go (the 3 boxes on the side),

> and finally to highlight recent news, events, etc... When we added the

> download button the tight pyramid focus of the design shifted. Instead

> of having one main point, we had two. The emphasis on downloading Ruby

> is now competing with our main point which was to tell people about 
> Ruby. This almost bothers me enough to pull the download button
> completely.

I'm fine with that, and I (personally) don't feel that this issue is
strong enough (either way) to justify holding up any sort of deployment.

IF bandwidth is available for further design attempts, what about moving
the download back to its original (in-header) location, and see if it
can be slightly modified in that location to appear stronger? Move it to
the top of the list (despite the fact that the logical progression for
the 100% newb is to play with _why's web page first)? Add the download
icon inline after the text?

If people have the energy, perhaps we could further discuss (for a
future revision to the design) what the focus of the site truly needs to
be. What is the distribution of experience with Ruby of the visitors?
Experience with programming? Should the site cater to potential
programmers (evangelization), or current ruby programmers
(support/news)? Are we trying to convince pointy-haired bosses that Ruby
is a stable, polished, reasonable choice?

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