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James Edward Gray II james at grayproductions.net
Mon Aug 28 11:13:30 EDT 2006

On Aug 28, 2006, at 9:42 AM, Michal Suchanek wrote:

> Hello
> As I have already mantioned (and afaict got no reply)

Here's my opinionated response.  ;)

> I think that links could easily do without exclamation marks. It's
> fine to use one to make a particular link stnd out but it is too much
> to have one in the heading of each section.

Exactly one link has an exclamation mark, and that is part of the  
site's name.  I don't feel it would be right to change that.

I'll assume you meant that the sidebar headers are bugging you with  
their exclamation marks.  I really like the one on "it's easy!",  
because I think we to encourage people to give it a try.

The one on "a new world!" can go for all I care.  I favor putting an  
ellipsis there, if others are OK with that.

> Generally all the expalnations in smaller text seem redundant to me,
> except perhaps the one for ruby core. All the other links should be
> pretty self-explanatory.

Well, it would look pretty funny to only explain one link in the  
section, wouldn't it?  Personally, I like them.

> ...the term "success stories"...

People are always asking who is using Ruby and I know the similar  
section on the Python site has been a big draw.  We're not ashamed of  
Ruby so there's no good reason not to show it off, I say.

James Edward Gray II

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