[Vit-discuss] text in the links section

Michal Suchanek hramrach at centrum.cz
Mon Aug 28 10:42:41 EDT 2006


As I have already mantioned (and afaict got no reply) there is quite a
bit of text in the links menu on the right of the page that seems
redundant, even somewhat annoying to me.

I think that links could easily do without exclamation marks. It's
fine to use one to make a particular link stnd out but it is too much
to have one in the heading of each section.

Generally all the expalnations in smaller text seem redundant to me,
except perhaps the one for ruby core. All the other links should be
pretty self-explanatory.

Redundant text with exclamation marks and the term "success stories"
makes the site look like marketing speak to me (especially since the
design appers to favor cool look over usability). This makes me feel
like I should either close the site or grind my teeth and prepare for
hunting for bits of useful information through heaps babbling
consisting almost exclusively of marketing buzzwords.

I hope the site is better than the first impression.



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