[Vit-discuss] Top Ruby Projects algorithm?

why the lucky stiff ruby-talk at whytheluckystiff.net
Fri Aug 25 19:51:39 EDT 2006

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 03:39:16PM -0700, James Britt wrote:
> It isn't clear to me (nor is this a big deal) that this solves an actual 
> user problem or need.

Well, libraries are generally considered Ruby's weak point.  That we don't
have CPAN or that our libraries are shambles.  We want to do all we can to
counterattack that prevailing notion.  We want to demonstrate that we have a
wealth of libraries, useful and widespread, with an entire system for
distributing them and announcing them.  Whoa, Ruby has that!

The presence of good libraries is probably amoung the top five reasons someone
picks a language, maybe?  For some, it's first even.  Regardless, it can break
the whole empire.  Let's show off some libraries and let's keep talking about
how we can really drive the point, you know?

I'll hit the libraries page tomorrow and try out a few ideas.  You'll hear from
me again.


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