[Vit-discuss] Ruby-Lang Redesign Feedback Requested

James Edward Gray II james at grayproductions.net
Thu Aug 24 16:45:09 EDT 2006

On Aug 24, 2006, at 3:24 PM, Gavin Kistner wrote:

>> See something amiss or askew? Let us know. This isn't a time for
>> nit-picking, but if you see something misspelled or believe
>> something to be unclear, speak up!
> I'm not sure what's considered 'nit-picking', but here are a few
> comments.

You bring up great points and had good ideas.

> 4) I'd like to see dates on articles like
> http://new.ruby-lang.org/en/community/ruby-core/

This is the only point I think I don't agree with.  Ideally the  
information on this pages should always be current and I assume we  
will get hate mail and soon as it isn't.

Ruby moves slow and core conventions even slower.  Putting a date on  
the page could possibly make it look pretty old, just because nothing  
has changed.

My two cents.

James Edward Gray II

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