[Vit-discuss] Get to the Point: Ruby and Rails Presentation Slides

John W. Long ng at johnwlong.com
Thu Oct 6 19:56:55 EDT 2005

It's fine with me if you use the HTML and images in your own Ruby 
presentations. Right now I will retain rights on the look, images, and 

John Long

Zach Dennis wrote:
> John W. Long wrote:
>>Ryan Platte and I just did a presentation to the Chicago ACM about Ruby 
>>this evening. Our slides are available for others to use here:
>>Comments and suggestions are welcome. We would like to present this 
>>again in the future, so it would be good to clarify things a little.
>>Please note: slides are best if viewed in Firefox or Safari.
> Thanks for posting this John. I am going to go over later today. I have 
> one question thus far....Are you allowing public use of the look in your 
> slides for other ruby presentations?
> Zach
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