[Vit-discuss] question about ads

ES rvit-ml at magical-cat.org
Sat Mar 12 15:58:46 EST 2005

On Sat, March 12, 2005 8:40 pm, Ben Giddings said:
> On Mar 12, 2005, at 08:16, David Heinemeier Hansson wrote:
>>> I notice that ruby-lang.org has Google ads.  Is this likely to be the
>>> case even after the re-design?
>> I would hope not. I gather the revenue generated is minimal. Rather
>> make up for that in a one-time pledge if funds are needed to run the
>> site. Ads make the thing look cheap and are in my opinion unsuited for
>> a site with the character of ruby-lang.
> I don't think we're the ones who can decide about ads.  I think it will
> be up to the people paying for hosting bandwidth.  In any case, I agree
> with DHH.  I would hope that there are no ads, and if there are some
> ads, that they are better than the google ones.

I would not mind paying yearly Ruby Users' Union dues provided they're
reasonable. I'm sure hosting could be covered by some such donations
if some sort of a momentum can be gathered.

Another idea certainly worthwhile of consideration is setting up a CafePress
store or something like that for folks to buy Ruby merchandise, all
proceeds going to ruby-lang (or a designated nonprofit). I already have
several Ruby-related t-shirts etc. I have had printed at a local shop.

> If ads are a necessity, I wonder if we can use better, targeted ads
> that fit well with the design.  An idea might be to work out a deal
> with Ruby-related commercial sites.  An example might be Basecamp HQ,
> Snowdevil.ca, Textdrive.com (web hosting service with ROR).
> Ben


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