[Vit-discuss] Redesign 2005 Blog

John W. Long ng at johnwlong.com
Sat Mar 12 07:43:31 EST 2005

David A. Black wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, John W. Long wrote:
>> David A. Black wrote:
>>> Very nice work by all concerned.  I don't have a strong preference as
>>> between the two on view.  One question for John: would it be possible
>>> to avoid the duplication between the navigation bar and those
>>> navigation squares?  I know what people are going to say: the navbar
>>> has to serve on different sub-pages and therefore can't be changed.  I
>>> tend to think it should be anyway :-)  It looks a little cluttered to
>>> have "Learn Ruby" and "Download" right about "Learn" and "Download".
>> That's an interesting suggestion. I suppose that it would depend on 
>> how the site was structured. I personally believe it is important to 
>> repeat the major site sections on the home page in the header and 
>> footer. I really value the importance of simple designs with lots of 
>> repetition (between pages). Perhaps the solution is to make the 
>> Download, Learn, and Build sections subsections of other major 
>> sections. For instance, Learn could easily be a subsection of the 
>> documentation section.
>> On the other side, I'm not sure the ideal (no-repetition on the same 
>> page) is worth splitting hairs over. Sometimes the search for the 
>> ideal can lead to very unpractical solutions. I much prefer the 
>> pragmatic approach. At some point we need to map out the site 
>> completely. Right now we are just experimenting. Once we get down to 
>> the "raw" html we may change quite a few things.
>> "In theory there is no difference between practice and theory, in 
>> practice there is."
> I didn't really mean to probe the theoretical substrata.  It just
> looks slightly cluttered :-)  I assumed things will change as work
> continues, so I wanted to mention one or two things I thought might
> merit attention during that process.  No deep design philosophy to be
> extrapolated :-)

It's a good point, and something to take under consideration. Thanks for 
bringing it up. =)

> One possible resolution would be to put the navbar at the very top of
> the page, instead of between the header and the "real" content.

I have expirimented a little with this, but couldn't find something that 
I felt was as visually pleasing as the Ruby Red design. I've put it on 
my mental list of things to think about. Perhaps I can work a solution 
into my next comp.


John Long

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