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David A. Black dblack at wobblini.net
Sat Mar 12 07:10:46 EST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, John W. Long wrote:

> David A. Black wrote:
>> Very nice work by all concerned.  I don't have a strong preference as
>> between the two on view.  One question for John: would it be possible
>> to avoid the duplication between the navigation bar and those
>> navigation squares?  I know what people are going to say: the navbar
>> has to serve on different sub-pages and therefore can't be changed.  I
>> tend to think it should be anyway :-)  It looks a little cluttered to
>> have "Learn Ruby" and "Download" right about "Learn" and "Download".
> That's an interesting suggestion. I suppose that it would depend on how the 
> site was structured. I personally believe it is important to repeat the major 
> site sections on the home page in the header and footer. I really value the 
> importance of simple designs with lots of repetition (between pages). Perhaps 
> the solution is to make the Download, Learn, and Build sections subsections 
> of other major sections. For instance, Learn could easily be a subsection of 
> the documentation section.
> On the other side, I'm not sure the ideal (no-repetition on the same page) is 
> worth splitting hairs over. Sometimes the search for the ideal can lead to 
> very unpractical solutions. I much prefer the pragmatic approach. At some 
> point we need to map out the site completely. Right now we are just 
> experimenting. Once we get down to the "raw" html we may change quite a few 
> things.
> "In theory there is no difference between practice and theory, in practice 
> there is."

I didn't really mean to probe the theoretical substrata.  It just
looks slightly cluttered :-)  I assumed things will change as work
continues, so I wanted to mention one or two things I thought might
merit attention during that process.  No deep design philosophy to be
extrapolated :-)

One possible resolution would be to put the navbar at the very top of
the page, instead of between the header and the "real" content.


David A. Black
dblack at wobblini.net

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