[Vit-discuss] How do I [thing] in Ruby?

ES rvit-ml at magical-cat.org
Fri Mar 11 18:07:27 EST 2005

As an aside suggestion; in addition to/instead of the "Ruby for [language]
programmers", there should be a section labeled "How do I [thing] in Ruby".
It would show common tasks, creating a webserver etc., maybe arranged by
category ("Nuby", "Web", "UNIX", "GUI", etc.). These Ruby solutions could be
accompanied by (poorly written:) comparative solutions in other languages.

Then, in the event that a particular aspect is not satisfactorily covered
by these examples, there'd be a box to fill in a request and the reqester's
e-mail address; this request is then forwarded to ruby-talk (and maybe
#ruby-lang). Once a satisfactory solution is formulated, it gets mailed to
the requester and added to the list on the page.


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