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Austin Ziegler halostatue at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 10:43:53 EST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 07:53:52 -0700, James Britt <james.britt at gmail.com> wrote:
> why the lucky stiff wrote:
>> We're still working on this site a bit, so keep it on the down
>> low for now-- a.k.a. sshhh--
>> http://redhanded.hobix.com/redesign2005/ 
> I much prefer Michael's "Clean" 1.0 . It's, well, *cleaner*,
> crisp, more modern; the header wastes less space,  logo is not the
> routine, semi-realistic Ruby gem. The Clean logo scales well,  and
> lends itself better to T-shirts, business cards, and other re-use.

Mmmm. The logo is one of the things that turns me off about 'clean';
I don't particularly like any of them; the primary one looks a lot
like a "page" icon (you know, the square with the turned corner). I
*do* think that something a bit more stylized is better than the
rendered image (although that's a beautiful image, John), but not
the ones that are there. I'm not really sure how to express it
beyond that.

I *really* like the big red box in the Ruby Red on the front page
(it's a lot like the Firefox page in that respect), but I agree that
the sections should be cleaned up, a bit. The Download box is great
-- but could stand to use some icons like in the Clean download box.
The Clean download box suffers because it refers specifically to
Linux -- and probably points to the .tar.gz source. Unless and until
there is a standard binary distribution for Mac OS X, that should
probably be handled a bit differently. Maybe this could be DHTMLised
and hideable.

I would recommend, at least until the Windows Installer supports the
full set of features of Ruby the way that the separate build does,
we want to link to both of them (even though I use the Windows
Installer version exclusively).

The Learn is in a great place -- I don't like the smaller box on the
side in Clean. It would be nice to have a page on package
management, but I'm not sure where it fits best.

I prefer the Participate box to the Build box, but think it would be
better as "Community" with mailing lists, user groups, weblogs,
and RubyForge.

I don't care for the "Top Ruby Projects" feed from RubyForge. First,
they aren't necessarily "top" -- they're "Most Downloaded." I think
that the ruby project advert is a better use of that space (as with
the "Ruby on Rails" box on the Ruby Red page).

I'm not as concerned as others about the blog feed, but on balance
I'd prefer it NOT be there, or maybe a "last 5 topics on ruby-talk",
since most of Ruby's discussion happens on ruby-talk.

I generally prefer the 3-column look of Clean to the 4-column layout
of Ruby Red, but I do like the big red box.

Also, in Clean's alternative logos, I prefer the coloured "Ruby is
an open-source" boxes to the plain one on the main.

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