[Vit-discuss] Redesign 2005 Blog

Ben Giddings bg-rubytalk at infofiend.com
Fri Mar 11 10:10:53 EST 2005

On Mar 11, 2005, at 09:43, Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng wrote:
>    I prefer the Ruby logo on this one to the other, but I'd want to
>    put a bit of specular reflection on the top surface and on the
>    bottom facets, so it looks more polished. But that's a very minor
>    point, offered in the hope it's some use...

Wow, I think that's the first comment I've heard on how the gem could 
be *better*.  I'm not enough of an artist to know quite what you mean, 
but I'm sure that it's a useful comment.  ;)

>    The idea of presenting clear code is good.  It tends to make
>    "hello World" look a bit laboured. though.  What about stea-- I
>    mean borrowing with permission, the web download example from the
>    Pickaxe, which shows how one can do serious work in a few lines?

It's an unrealistic example, but it does show off the core elements of 
Ruby's syntax in a few lines.  I don't think anybody would be confused 
and think that that much code is *necessary* to print "Hello World".

We've also discussed having a set of different code snippets on the 
main page, and showing a random one each time.  The advantage there is 
that we don't have to try to pick the one perfect example, and don't 
have to try to get everything good about Ruby into one snippet.  The 
disadvantage is that instead of having to come up with only 1 code 
example, we need a bunch of examples.

> Anyway, it's good stuff, keep it coming.  Can we see a mockup
> directly, so we can critique it with obscure browsers, etc?

Sure, just not yet.  We do want the sites to be accessible and to work 
well in different browsers.  I think the goal was to first show a 
screenshot version so that everybody would see the same thing, and 
would know what the goal is.  The next step would be translating those 
mockups to functional CSS/HTML pages and starting work on making them 
proper standards-compliant, multi-browser-friendly web pages.


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