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David A. Black dblack at wobblini.net
Fri Mar 11 09:33:34 EST 2005

Hi --

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, why the lucky stiff wrote:

> We're still working on this site a bit, so keep it on the down low for now-- 
> a.k.a. sshhh--
> http://redhanded.hobix.com/redesign2005/
> Our core team has been chuggin along.  We each threw several designs into the 
> pile and John's designs and Michel's designs definitely rose to the top.  In 
> addition, these two have been borrowing elements from each other's designs 
> and improving things daily (or maybe every-other).
> Today we're releasing a snapshot of these two designs.  You will probably see 
> these as two competing designs.  I think they are two designs which are 
> converging.  Our middle-ground is somewhere between.  But who knows, we may 
> flip things.
> Whatever the case, I think these two designs are gorgeous.
> We will be collecting feedback over the next week or so and discussing 
> revisions to these designs.  Hopefully by next week we'll have a roadmap of 
> when we can get some deeper pages and, then, a working prototype.

Very nice work by all concerned.  I don't have a strong preference as
between the two on view.  One question for John: would it be possible
to avoid the duplication between the navigation bar and those
navigation squares?  I know what people are going to say: the navbar
has to serve on different sub-pages and therefore can't be changed.  I
tend to think it should be anyway :-)  It looks a little cluttered to
have "Learn Ruby" and "Download" right about "Learn" and "Download".

I like the fact that Michel's has a bit of Ruby code visible.

I see the slogan (Programmers' Best Friend) has been singularized.  I
sort of liked the collectivity of the original.

Anyway, if either of these were to drop in to ruby-lang.org I think it
would be very nice.

I'm also curious to know: what is the current state of coordination
(or not) with the Japanese side of the site?


David A. Black
dblack at wobblini.net

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