[Vit-discuss] Redesign 2005 Blog

Zach Dennis zdennis at mktec.com
Fri Mar 11 08:43:32 EST 2005

Christian Neukirchen wrote:
> why the lucky stiff <ruby-talk at whytheluckystiff.net> writes:
>>Our core team has been chuggin along.  We each threw several designs
>>into the pile and John's designs and Michel's designs definitely rose
>>to the top.  In addition, these two have been borrowing elements from
>>each other's designs and improving things daily (or maybe
>>Today we're releasing a snapshot of these two designs.  You will
>>probably see these as two competing designs.  I think they are two
>>designs which are converging.  Our middle-ground is somewhere between.
>>But who knows, we may flip things.
> I think the Ruby Red design with the "Participate" sidebar, the search
> form and the language selector of Clean would be pretty near
> perfect. :-)

I agree as well. (Both designs are exceptional though!)


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