[Vit-discuss] Redesign 2005 Blog

Martin Ankerl martin.ankerl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 06:11:06 EST 2005

Wow, both designs are really excellent! Here are some of my thoughts
on John's design, from top to bottom:

* I like the overall redish design, but the dark-red
download-learn-build seems to be a bit too strong, compared to the
rest of the layout.

* IMHO the "Download" link should be next to "Resources"

*  "ruby in twenty minutes" is a very good idea - Maybe there should
also be a "ruby in 5 minutes" for all the impatient people :-)

* I fould the name "Build" a bit missleading. Maybe "packages" or
"Software" or something like it is a better fit?

* I am not quite shure what the main content is about, are this the
most important news, in chronological order? Maybe something to
clarify this would be useful, like providing the date as in the Latest
News section.

* Also for the Ruby-on-Rails windows, somehow the information is
missing what this box is about. Maybe a tiny headline "featured
project" would be helpful.

* Maybe provide a link to an RSS feed somewhere?

* I would like some kind of  "Marketing" page, where I can download
ruby buttons, order t-shirts, ruby-stones, etc :-)

Martin Ankerl | http://martinus.geekisp.com/

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