[Vit-discuss] Blogs Considered Harmful

Ben Giddings bg-rubytalk at infofiend.com
Thu Feb 24 16:41:49 EST 2005

James Britt wrote:
> * Blogs by nature are personal voices. ruby-lang.org should focus on
> objective features of Ruby, not some people's point of view or pet
> projects

How about if the "blog" were just:

* Announcements of Ruby releases
* Announcements of Ruby conferences
* Announcements of serious bugs / security issues

All with no "author" and no comments?

I put the word blog in quotes because I'm not sure that's what most 
people think of as a blog, but it could be done using a blogging engine.

If you look at Why's mockup:


The things in "Latest News" is the sort of thing I'm talking about.

I think another option is to have a very limited "PR announcements" 
style blog on the main page, but have something else somewhere else on 
the site.  It would have more extensive news that wouldn't necessarily 
be targeted towards newbies and casual users, but towards people who 
don't follow the mailing list(s).



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