[Vit-discuss] Brainstorming

Ben Giddings bg-rubytalk at infofiend.com
Thu Feb 24 14:49:52 EST 2005

So far in this thread, I think we have general agreement about the 

Curt Hibbs wrote:
> - What should is be/do/look?

* minimal, simple, clean (not overwhelming with links, etc)
* better search (both easier to find, and more functional)
* accessible for people with disabilities
* available in multiple languages (en & jp are a must, others are very 
* emphasize key areas: downloads, news, documentation
* some kind of logo
* standards-compliant (valid HTML, CSS, ...)
* easy to maintain

> - What should it not be/do/look?

* red and white just because of "Ruby", it's more important that it be 
* chock full'o animated gifs, instead use few, if any, animated gifs, 
rotating images, or otherwise "moving things"
* out-of-date -- some means should be found to make sure that the site 
stays current
* use obfuscated urls -- you should know at a glance what info you might 
find at a given URL, rather than http://ruby-lang.org/en/2304982034.html

The controversial areas seem to be:

* The "blogginess" of the site.  Should it be bloggy, or should it be 
mostly static / more corporate?
* How much is too much?  There should clearly be a "download" link, but 
Why's Poignant Guide probably doesn't belong there, but where do we draw 
the line?

Am I missing any agreed on must-haves, must-not-haves?  Am I missing any 
other areas of controversy?


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