[Vit-discuss] I'm getting the manager!

Bill Guindon agorilla at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 10:17:50 EST 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 09:59:01 -0500, Todd Grimason <todd at slack.net> wrote:
> I think the point raised by David HH from Rails to someone here about
> "design by committee" has made its first appearance already. Whomever
> is running this show should probably just make the call or this is
> likely to continue indefinitely, ad nauseum, and people will get
> frustrated and leave.
> Over a year ago I tried to help out with a similar project for python,
> and this exact situation brought it down in flames. Everyone spent
> lots of time and effort, all for naught since there was no "manager"
> and eventually Guido actually stepped in and shut down the effort. I
> think we should try to avoid a similar outcome (though matz sounds a
> bit more carefree [in a good way]!)

Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)

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