[Vit-discuss] content refreshness or lack of [was Brainstorming]

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 20:10:44 EST 2005

Zach Dennis wrote:
> Ben Giddings wrote:
>> Newcomers shouldn't *need* to go elsewhere to find important resources.
> to clarify myself... since I want to make sure I'm not being 
> hypocritical. I agree that newcomers shouldn't need to go to another 
> site to find important resources. However I do believe that if a user is 
> redirected from the ruby-lang.org site to another useful site with that 
> information, that that is just as good!
> As long as they can find the information FROM the ruby-lang.org site 
> then I agree. But I don't think all important information should have to 
> be listed on ruby-lang.org itself, only that users should be able to get 
> to that information from the ruby-lang.org site.

This is key.  There are numerous advantages to off-loading assorted 
tasks to other people managing other resources on other machines.

It is reasonable to assume that newcomers will end up at ruby-lang.org, 
and they should have an easy time getting directed to all the resources 
they need.

That the actual resources are hosted on another site is incidental.

For example: I believe that the ruby documentation project has helped 
improve the state of Ruby documentation and that ruby-doc.org has played 
an important role.  The RDP and the documentation progress would have 
been greatly slowed or nonexistent if I had to go through ruby-lang 
admins to host ruby-doc content and services as a sub-site of ruby-lang.

It would have been too much trouble for all involved.


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