[Vit-discuss] Brainstorming

Zach Dennis zdennis at mktec.com
Wed Feb 23 18:53:15 EST 2005

James Britt wrote:
> My concern is that there may be a narrow perspective overly influenced 
> by those who just happen to be more vocal.

Not that I disagree with your concern James, but you cant assume or 
guess what people want if they don't speak up. It's like not voting and 
then being upset that your party lost.

> The question "Why would you go to ruby-lang?" may have things backwards. 
>  It may be better to determine what resources the full Ruby community 
> needs, and figure out where they should be.  Then we'll have a better 
> idea of what belongs on ruby-lang.org.

I like this idea for an approach.

> Offhand, I would sort of expect to be able to go to ruby-lang.org  and 
> quickly find out where to download the latest version.  But I would not 
> think or want to go there to read quirky blog entries, even from matz.

Here I sort of disagree. Just due to the popularity of blogs in general 
in this day in age I would think it would great to have access to some 
of these blogs, especially Matz's. If ruby-lang.org is only going to be 
the web-version of a reference book, then I might as well just stick to 
using google for finding anything ruby related. The ruby-lang site 
should be a living document, and blogs are the perfect to utilize for 
part of this IMO. From a marketing perspective I think this makes Ruby 
look more current to new (younger) users and it provides more of a 
centralized location for the ruby community.

The "living document" idea would keep people coming back to the site, 
especially if the information (like Matz's blog posting) were accessible 
from the ruby-lang.org site.



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