[Vit-discuss] content refreshness or lack of [was Brainstorming]

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Tue Feb 22 18:38:25 EST 2005

* Michel Martens <blaumag at gmail.com> [2005-02-22 18:16]:
> I know it will look better than how it sounds, but in my opinion the
> final redesign should feel and look more like a weblog than like a
> corporate website. The community now is not on ruby-lang, but on this

It seems like the options (besides 'boilerplate' like download, docs,
etc.) are vaguely these three:

1) aggregator (of the distributed community, i.e. (mostly)ruby blogs,
forge, etc.)

2) actively edited pointers to articles, ruby mentions, new apps built
with ruby, etc., in addition to ruby releases and conferences, etc.

3) less often updates for "bigger" news, ie. conferences, new ruby
releases and/or patches, etc. (like php.net)


First option is likely the least work on a daily or near-daily basis,
but is chaotic and a bit too trusting methinks. You could end up with
"I'm a new dad!" or something as the first entry (someone
mis-categorizes something on their blog). 

Second obviously requires a fair bit of ongoing work - though if it
was split up like a group blog, ie. slashdot, that would lower
workload and (hopefully) keep it fresh. But this approach is
high-maintenance - if postings start often then lag it looks dead.

Third is probably in-between the other two for workload, and IMHO kind
of what people would expect to see. I've never really gone back to
perl or java sites in the past for anything but docs and/or
downloads. I don't know that the 'official site' is really a place for
chatty community stuff - pointers to it definitely - but maybe not a
host for it. 

I think this is also the most realistic regarding the balance of
resources, and making sure it doesn't look like an abandoned site
(automated feeds of news and code will help too). Sorry if I've
crushed any dreams. Well it's not my decision so I can influence the
crushing of dreams but not actually do it. But that's my opinion
for what it's worth (~3 cents)



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