[Vit-discuss] Brainstorming

Michel Martens blaumag at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 18:11:50 EST 2005

I know it will look better than how it sounds, but in my opinion the
final redesign should feel and look more like a weblog than like a
corporate website. The community now is not on ruby-lang, but on this
list, on RedHanded, on LoudThinking, etc. I guess LoudThinking gets
more hits than the Ruby on Rails weblog, mainly because the news are
on the main page and that's what people like us always look for. Of
course, on the same level of importance are "Brief description and
Intro", "Language reference" and "Ruby download". I've written this
with more details at

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 17:53:34 -0500, Todd Grimason <todd at slack.net> wrote:
> * Alexander Kellett <ruby-lists at lypanov.net> [2005-02-22 17:35]:
> >
> > i like
> > http://www.gentoo.org/images/wwwcontest/contest4_front.png
> > actually :)
> >
> Hmm... http://www.apple.com

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