[Vit-discuss] Brainstorming

Ben Giddings bg-rubytalk at infofiend.com
Tue Feb 22 16:44:51 EST 2005

Curt Hibbs wrote:
> - What should [it] be/do/look?

* Appeal to newcomers, and point them at the info they need/want quickly
* Promote hot projects (Ruby on Rails should promote Ruby, and Ruby 
should promote RoR too)
* Contain an easy-to-find site map and search engine
* Have a few things I don't think exist yet:
   * Ruby for (Perl|Python|PHP|C++) programmers
   * A taste of Ruby -- a 10-minute glimpse at the language that gives a 
hint of the syntax, of what makes Ruby unique, etc
* Provide a way for people to find out what's new with Ruby without 
having to join the mailing list
* Have information in many presentations / languages so it is accessible 
to everybody, even French-speaking PDA-users with limited vision (not to 
pick on mes amis francais)

Ok, and here's a hard one:
* Give a reason for *us* to keep using the site

I don't know about you folks, but I really have no reason to use the 
Ruby site.
* I get Ruby from my distro
* I know to go to RAA or rubyforge for libs/apps
* I know to go to ruby-doc.org or rubycentral.com for API docs, or to 
remember how to use something
* I have a whole set of other bookmarks for ruby-related things, few of 
which point to ruby-lang.org, and few of which are linked to from 

I think with a bit of effort we can consolidate a lot of this 
information on the ruby-lang.org site.  The benefit of this is that even 
if you're just going there for the quick reference, you might see an 
announcement about Instiki 3.0 and decide to check it out.

> - What should it not be/do/look?

* Limited number of links / text on the front page, so you're not 
overwhelmed with options
* Not overly corporate-looking
* No ads, if at all possible
* No lingering old news from months ago (it makes Ruby seem stagnant)
* Don't drive content away (i.e. if possible, get Ruby Weekly News 
integrated into the site maybe through an RSS feed or something, instead 
of sending people to the RWN page, that way once someone has glanced at 
the news they can proceed with downloading Ruby rather than having to 
hit "back" a few times first)

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