[Vit-discuss] Getting Started [was Now, where were we?]

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Mon Feb 21 15:42:53 EST 2005

* Christian Neukirchen [2005-02-21 08:55]:

> >>      * form a team to design the appearance
> >>      * form another team to choose the CMS
> >>      * create prototype on that CMS

[lots of snip]

> What are the requirements for the CMS?
> I think we need to focus on the (future) contents and the structure of
> the site first before we can choose a CMS.  Content and structure
> also strongly influence the design, too.

I think this is a key point - the initial 3-phases (now 2?) don't
directly address IA, or more broadly "user experience [UX]". This is
likely to be a bigger task than all the others if it's to be done

If it's not done well the best-looking site in the world isn't much
use - you don't need to look around the web very much to find many
examples of beautiful, but totally unusable sites.

Ideally, there should be thought on personas or "user types",
task-based or info-based navigation, etc. I realize a balance of
addressing these issues without becoming bogged down and never
finishing is needed, but if they're not at least explicitly
acknowledged they'll arise in messy form at some point.

Examples of task-based might be:

Learn: Intro to Ruby, Resources for learning, tutorials, etc.
Participate: mailing lists, support groups, user groups, rubyforge, etc.
Documentation: ruby-docs, proposals, etc.
Download: ruby, projects, extensions, etc.

That's an ad-hoc quick list, but the idea should be clear. 

So to sum up, Christian is raising a vital point - IA/UX is key to the
whole project. It doesn't need to drown out everything else and grind
the project to a halt, but it needs to be done as well as possible
given the realities of time and resources...



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