[Vit-discuss] Brainstorming

Masayoshi Takahashi maki at rubycolor.org
Mon Feb 21 14:14:18 EST 2005

why the lucky stiff <ruby-talk at whytheluckystiff.net> wrote:
> >  * should release document based HTML
> >  * should add more documents for newbies
> >  * should delete old contents
> >  * should support windows user more
> >  * should add book guides
> >  
> >
> Good stuff, Maki.  Can you explain "should release document based HTML" 
> a bit more?  Rephrase or explain with links.

Oops, sorry. it means "sould release (downloadable) Reference Manual
in HTML format"(*)  I translated it too literally :-/

 (*) Japanese reference manual is maintained in Wiki now.
     And there's no RDoc translated into Japanese.


Masayoshi 'Maki' Takahashi     E-mail: maki at rubycolor.org

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