[Vit-discuss] Brainstorming

Martin Ankerl martin.ankerl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 12:57:37 EST 2005

> - What should is be/do/look?

Clean, simple, and usable; just like Ruby :-)

* I think it is very important to have a symbol like the red diamond.
I vote for a logo on the top left that contains such a symbol.

* Are there any thoughts on integrating a search engine? I like what
http://www.php.net does on the top left.

* What about integrating rubyforge more, e.g. show 10 most active
rubygems. Every month, one project could be featured (just like
sourceforge does).

> - What should it not be/do/look?

Gentoo.org had a webpage redesign contest quite a while ago, here are
the results:
The first entry (Aaron Shi) is the winner. IMHO such a design looks
too much like a big coorporation. Ruby should instead be clean,
simple, and have a community.

Martin Ankerl | http://martinus.geekisp.com/

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