[Vit-discuss] Now, where were we?

why the lucky stiff ruby-talk at whytheluckystiff.net
Fri Feb 18 12:15:39 EST 2005

Hi, everybody.  Consider the wealth of discussion that has been rolling 
down the snowhill for the last few months.  It's a raging and 
incongruous boulder.  Let's size ite up.

Here are what I consider to be the essentials of the discussion so far:

* The quintessential ruby-talk thread is the "Best ways to accelerate 
Ruby's popularity," which lived out its existence for a month or so, 
throughout January.

* I think the thread (and others which spawned from it at that time) 
really got moving when Ben Giddings stripped ruby-lang.org down to its 
essentials and everyone started thinking about what those essentials 
were exactly.

* I posted a mockup of a hypothetical Ruby.org.  The comments are 
especially useful, as the discussion is primarily centered on the page 

* Useful criticism from gab: <http://rubytalk.com/127255>

* A related topic deals with an official Ruby manual, which I think is 
very pertinent to our work here.  John Long's designs were posted on 
RedHanded in early January.

* The idea of giving an official look, ruby-lang.org subdomains, or a 
common header to community sites has been brought up a lot.
I think the prevailing feeling about this has been that such an umbrella 
might be too much work to keep aloof.
But, a good point.

* Discussion of the more dilapidated parts of ruby-lang.org.  I think we 
can all agree that its important that ruby-lang.org be up-to-date and 
reflect the hectic activity that truly is Ruby.

* Another recurring topic is the state of ruby-doc.org.  There is a 
prevailing notion that ruby-doc requires closer attention.  Which is 
very interesting, considering that RubyGarden has avoided scrutiny, even 
though it suffers from many of its own issues.

* Other related ruby-talk threads:


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