[Vit-discuss] Hello

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Fri Feb 18 06:21:44 EST 2005

John W. Long wrote:
> Zach Dennis wrote:
>  > I'm sure there will probably be a whole lot of folks joining in the
>  > next few days, but those already here. Hello!
> Welcome Zach!
>  > Is there a formal plan of attack to take, or is the list going to
> wait > a few days until more folks have subscribed?
> The current plan is to wait a day or so until more folks subscribe. Feel
> free to begin adding stuff to the wiki though:
> http://vit.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl

Yes everyone... feel free to collect your thoughts on the wiki while we give
people some time to subscribe!


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