Indent problems with symbols containing keywords - solved?

Cezary Bagiński cezary.baginski at
Mon Mar 16 19:51:25 EDT 2009


The following gives the wrong indent (vim 7.1.314, Ubuntu):

---------(after indent its the same)-------
class AAA
   def aaa
     a = [ :title,

It seems the 'until' is matched, even when it's a symbol. I dug through 
the 'syntax/ruby.vim' I already had, since the rubyforge git access is 
broken (?).

The following is the best I could think of:

add the \@<! pattern to ignore symbols, replacing all instances of 
keyword matchers, like:




I did it for just the until keyword and it seems to work fine.

Could the problem be caused by Vim treating the ':' char as part of a 

Thanks in advance.


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