Git migration

Tim Pope vim-ruby-devel at
Fri Aug 1 17:56:03 EDT 2008

Okay, since nobody raised any objections I'm preparing to make the
migration to git official.  Here's a status report.

Mark created a vim-ruby account on github and pushed up my import to
it.  He and I are currently the only collaborators.  Any other
maintainers who would like to continue in that role should send me
their github accounts so I can add them.  In a few weeks, I'll
probably "retire" anyone who hasn't responded.

I blew away the initial import and replaced it with one with the $Id$
tags collapsed, greatly reducing the noise in the history.  Thomas
Adam raised a few theoretical objection but I don't think they really
apply in our case.  If anyone (including Thomas) disagrees, let me

I'm going to advise we continue maintaining the changelog until we
decide on a replacement practice.  Please write well formed commit
messages as well (a subject line around 50 characters or less, a blank
line, then an optional body wrapped to 72 characters).

If there are no substantial objections, in the next few days I'm going
to make it official by updating any documentation I find.  I'll also
create a CVS commit deleting everything and adding a text file
pointing to the new repository.


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