indentation problem with 'until' as a modifier

Tim Pope vim-ruby-devel at
Mon Jan 21 10:25:32 EST 2008

On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 09:31:10AM +0100, Dirk Traulsen wrote:
> First I want say that I really appreciate what you have achieved with 
> vim-ruby, which is a great help for me and a real pleasure to use. A 
> big Thank You to everybody here who is or was involved!
> Alas, it is not perfect. I have found some glitches, I want to report 
> here. To allow to discuss them seperately, I will report them in three 
> different mails.
> I will always attach a file to show the correct indentation.
> I hope this helps.

Thanks for these, Dirk.  Ruby indenting is probably the hardest part
of this set of runtime files, so a lot of these may go unaddressed
unless someone submits a patch.  Still, I will add them and any
further ones you forward to my to do list.

It appears a couple of the issues you submitted may already be fixed
in CVS.


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