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Tim Pope vim-ruby-devel at
Wed Feb 21 10:08:13 EST 2007

On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 11:19:44AM +0000, Andrew Stewart wrote:
> Any chance you could post your vibrant ink somewhere?
> (Or should that be vimbrant ink?)

I'm calling it vividchalk :).  I'm attaching what is still a work in
process.  I've decided not to go for an exact clone, after seeing how
the HTML highlighting in TextMate is rather ugly, in my opinion.
Feedback welcome; I'm still deciding how to do a lot of the Vim
specific stuff like the statusline and completion menu.


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" Vim color scheme
" Name:         vividchalk.vim
" Maintainer:   Tim Pope <vim at>
" Last Change:  19 Feb 2007

if has("gui_running")
    set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
   syntax reset

let colors_name = "vividchalk"

" First two functions adapted from inkpot.vim

" map a urxvt cube number to an xterm-256 cube number
fun! s:M(a)
    return strpart("0135", a:a, 1) + 0

" map a urxvt colour to an xterm-256 colour
fun! s:X(a)
    if &t_Co == 88
        return a:a
        if a:a == 8
            return 237
        elseif a:a < 16
            return a:a
        elseif a:a > 79
            return 232 + (3 * (a:a - 80))
            let l:b = a:a - 16
            let l:x = l:b % 4
            let l:y = (l:b / 4) % 4
            let l:z = (l:b / 16)
            return 16 + s:M(l:x) + (6 * s:M(l:y)) + (36 * s:M(l:z))

function! s:choose(good,mediocre)
    if &t_Co != 88 && &t_Co != 256
        return a:mediocre
        return s:X(a:good)

function! s:hifg(group,guifg,ctermfg,backup)
    let ctermfg = s:choose(a:ctermfg,a:backup)
    exe "highlight ".a:group." guifg=".a:guifg." ctermfg=".ctermfg

function! s:hibg(group,guibg,ctermbg,backup)
    let ctermbg = s:choose(a:ctermbg,a:backup)
    exe "highlight ".a:group." guibg=".a:guibg." ctermbg=".ctermbg

hi link railsMethod         PreProc
hi link rubyDefine          Keyword
hi link rubySymbol          Constant
hi link rubyAccess          rubyMethod
hi link rubyAttribute       rubyMethod
hi link rubyEval            rubyMethod
hi link rubyException       rubyMethod
hi link rubyInclude         rubyMethod
hi link rubyStringDelimiter rubyString
hi link rubyRegexp          Regexp
hi link rubyRegexpDelimiter rubyRegexp
"hi link rubyConstant        Variable
"hi link rubyGlobalVariable  Variable
"hi link rubyClassVariable   Variable
"hi link rubyInstanceVariable Variable
hi link javascriptRegexpString  Regexp
hi link javascriptNumber        Number
hi link javascriptNull          Constant

if &background == "light" || has("gui_running")
    hi Normal guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=Black
    hi Normal guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=NONE
highlight StatusLine   guifg=Black guibg=White gui=bold ctermfg=Black ctermbg=White cterm=bold
highlight StatusLineNC guifg=Black guibg=Grey gui=italic ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Grey cterm=none
highlight Cursor     guifg=Black guibg=White ctermfg=Black ctermbg=White
highlight CursorLine guibg=#333333 guifg=NONE
highlight CursorColumn guibg=#333333 guifg=NONE
highlight NonText    guifg=#404040 ctermfg=8
highlight SpecialKey guifg=#404040 ctermfg=8
highlight Directory  none
high link Directory  Identifier
highlight ErrorMsg   guibg=Red ctermbg=DarkRed guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE
highlight Search     guibg=#101000 ctermbg=Black guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE gui=italic cterm=underline
highlight MoreMsg    guifg=#00AA00 ctermfg=Green
highlight LineNr     guifg=#DDEEFF ctermfg=White
call s:hibg("LineNr"        ,"#222222",80,"DarkBlue")
highlight Question   none
high link Question   MoreMsg
highlight Title      guifg=Magenta ctermfg=Magenta
hi VisualNOS gui=none cterm=none
call s:hibg("Visual"        ,"#888888",83,"LightBlue")
call s:hibg("VisualNOS"     ,"#555555",81,"DarkBlue")
highlight WarningMsg    guifg=Red ctermfg=Red
highlight Folded        guibg=#1100aa ctermbg=DarkBlue
call s:hibg("Folded"        ,"#110077",17,"DarkBlue")
call s:hifg("Folded"        ,"#aaddee",63,"LightCyan")
highlight FoldColumn    none
high link FoldColumn    Folded
highlight Pmenu         guifg=White ctermfg=White gui=bold cterm=bold
highlight PmenuSel      guifg=White ctermfg=White gui=bold cterm=bold
call s:hibg("Pmenu"     ,"#000099",18,"Blue")
call s:hibg("PmenuSel"  ,"#5555ff",39,"DarkCyan")
highlight PmenuSbar     guibg=Grey ctermbg=Grey
highlight PmenuThumb    guibg=White ctermbg=White
highlight TabLine       gui=underline cterm=underline
call s:hifg("TabLine"   ,"#bbbbbb",85,"LightGrey")
call s:hibg("TabLine"   ,"#333333",80,"DarkGrey")
highlight TabLineSel    guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=Black
highlight TabLineFill   gui=underline cterm=underline
call s:hifg("TabLineFill"   ,"#bbbbbb",85,"LightGrey")
call s:hibg("TabLineFill"   ,"#808080",83,"Grey")

hi Type gui=none
hi Statement gui=none
"highlight PreProc       guifg=#EDF8F9
call s:hifg("Comment"       ,"#9933CC",51,"DarkMagenta") " 92
call s:hifg("Constant"      ,"#339999",21,"DarkCyan") " 30
call s:hifg("rubyNumber"    ,"#CCFF33",60,"Yellow") " 190
call s:hifg("String"        ,"#66FF00",44,"LightGreen") " 82
call s:hifg("Identifier"    ,"#FFCC00",72,"Yellow") " 220
call s:hifg("Statement"     ,"#FF6600",68,"LightRed") " 202
call s:hifg("PreProc"       ,"#AAFFFF",47,"LightCyan") " 213
call s:hifg("Type"          ,"#999966",57,"Brown") " 101
call s:hifg("Special"       ,"#AAAAAA", 7,"Grey") " 7
call s:hifg("Regexp"        ,"#44B4CC",21,"DarkCyan") " 74
call s:hifg("rubyMethod"    ,"#DDE93D",77,"Yellow") " 191
"highlight railsMethod   guifg=#EE1122 ctermfg=1

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