Omni completion stack overflow

Tim Pope vim-ruby-devel at
Mon Feb 12 10:10:54 EST 2007

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 08:48:49PM +1100, Doug Kearns wrote:
> G'day all,
> Can someone confirm for me that calling the omnifunc in an empty file
> produces the following:
> ...
> SystemStackError: (eval):7: stack level too deep
> ...

I cannot confirm this.  I simply get a list of top level objects,
starting with ARGF.

> I'm also experiencing random(ie. I haven't had time to find the cause)
> segfaults so I just want to check the above first.  Note that I'm not
> using rails.vim so it may be different to the other recently fixed
> problems.

Both stack overflows and segfaults can be caused by initializing the
ruby interface (the first time :ruby is used) in a sufficiently nested
context.  Try adding "silent! ruby nil" to your vimrc.  If this
hides the problem, the true cause is some other plugin initializing
the ruby interface.



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