RSpec and GEMS DSL Keyword Additions to ruby.vim?

Mark Guzman segfault at
Wed Feb 7 17:09:19 EST 2007

Nikolai Weibull wrote:
> Well, CVS is just plain bad.  SVN is just plain not much better.  For
> this particular project, handling of renames is almost irrelevant, so
> SVN doesn't offer anything relevant over CVS.  Going distributed is
> nice, and Git is my favorite.  If there's actually going to be a
> switch, I hope people take the time to look at the merits modern VCSs
> offer.  And let me make my point very clear: SVN is /not/ a modern
> VCS.
SVN + SVK probably covers most of what you want out of vcs, with the 
exception of signing. SVN also changes the history from per-file to 
repository snapshots. I'm not entirely sure that this would help 
anything in our case. I'm reasonably agnostic, though it's worth noting 
that rubyforge doesn't support git,darcs,arch, or monotone currently 

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