s:rubypath in ftplugin/ruby.vim

Jason LaRiviere jason at indelicate.net
Wed Jan 24 02:56:53 EST 2007

Mark Guzman wrote:
> Sweet! Thanks.
>   --mark

I think we can put this to bed and chalk it up to a wonky ruby build.
At your request, I took a look at the macports build file for ruby, and
noticed some differences in CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS.

Left to its own devices, it was using CFLAGS=-O2, and nothing in

I forced each to use -O, as per the macports build file, and rebuilt
ruby, then vim.

Fixed. \o/ 

Terribly sorry to have wasted anyone's time with a problem that clearly
ended up not having anything to do with vim.


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