s:rubypath in ftplugin/ruby.vim

Mark Guzman segfault at hasno.info
Tue Jan 23 14:17:00 EST 2007

Tim Pope wrote:
> Very odd.  rails.vim only recently started making use of the Vim-Ruby
> interface.  The next revision will limit it to Windows only; perhaps I
> should just do away with it all together (although I can't reproduce
> any of these problems on Windows).  For the record, rails.vim uses it
> in two places which previously used system():
> 1. require 'action_view' and extract a list of helper methods from it.
> 2. require 'yaml' and parse database.yml (only if dbext.vim is installed)
> On my system, I observe the following behaviors.  If the first is
> performed, with or without the second. the stack overflow error starts
> to be seen when completion is used.  If the second is performed
> *without* the first, Vim will segfault when completion is used.
> Things work fine if you :ruby require the same libraries manually, and
> things still break if all rails.vim does is require the same
> libraries.  Perhaps is has something to do with how things are nested
> in a Vim function.  I will investigate further.
Weird, I'll see if i can be of any help. If it's a problem w/ the 
vim-ruby bridge it'd be nice if we could fix it.
>> Have you actually experienced a crash due to the path discovery code?
> No.  This user claims to have, even without rails.vim loaded.
> g:rubycomplete_rails might have been set.
Who? Can you forward on the email so I can find out more? The rails 
support stuff is pretty intense since it's loading rails into the env.

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