PATCH: highlight comment blocks

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at
Thu May 11 03:37:01 EDT 2006

On 5/9/06, Doug Kearns <dougkearns at> wrote:
> This enables folding of multiline comment blocks and is enabled by
> default. It can be disabled by defining the ruby_no_comment_fold
> variable.
> I'm going to have a look at simplifying the syntax based folding. It
> seems to me that it might be best to reduce it to simply folding
> module/class/method definitions, comment blocks, and __END__ data
> blocks.
> Would anyone object to longer having the rest folded? If so, that too
> could be configurable. ;-)
> Any thoughts?

I don't use folding much, but I like the word "simplify" and
variations thereof :)

I also think that in Ruby, a little folding is better than a lot.
Most loops, etc. are only a few lines long, so it would be a pain to
unfold them.

So I like the gist of what you're doing, without being able to comment
on specifics.


BTW, multiline comments should only be folded if they have at least,
say, 4 lines?  Just a hunch.

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