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Mark Guzman segfault at
Mon May 1 10:09:06 EDT 2006

Doug Kearns wrote:
> Yes. I was really just wondering if we should, in the long term, be
> catching these errors and outputting a more 'meaningful' error message.
> I'm not sure allowing these to leak out as Vim errors is the best
> approach. You'd be surprised how many users won't be able/willing to
> determine the cause of the problem and see the script as simply broken.
> Hopefully, I'll have some time to help you out soon...hopefully.
Ahh, ok. I'll add some error handling around that spot. Something
meaningful like 'The class "Foobar" was already loaded, the new
definition conflicts with the old. Unable to determine completion.'
Some of these things don't occur naturally in my thought process yet, I
guess I'm a bit to much of a tinkerer.

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