bug removal

Doug Kearns dougkearns at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 11:53:42 EDT 2006

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 11:22:50AM -0400, Mark Guzman wrote:
> Doug Kearns wrote:
> > I just had a quick look at this and it seems to be due to the
> > 'workaround' code you introduced in r1.4. Since this cWORD expansion bug
> > has now been fixed in Vim is it still required for any reason?
> >   
> Thats actually necessary, I may remove the cWORD expansion. cWord will
> only pull the word after the cursor, so in cases like "abc.<complete
> here>" we would be passed an empty string
> and in general we want to know that "abc" was part of the completion.

Hmmm, I assumed it would behave like <i_Ctrl-o>:echo expand('<cWORD'>) but it
does not...

> The main problem is the assignment. I assume you'd like it to complete
> the list of globals.

Yes, but that really needs a pretty general solution. eg. "x + S"

FWIW, I notice that irb doesn't work with "x+S" but does with "x + S".

> The bug your seeing stems from those two issues, expand("cWORD") -> ""
> and the line is "x = S". "x=S" ends up being processed,
> but doesn't strip off the "x=", so it finds no valid completions. I'll
> add some code to strip off the assignment.

Thanks for your responsiveness. ;-)


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