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Mark Guzman segfault at
Thu Apr 20 02:56:22 EDT 2006

Doug Kearns wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 02:42:56AM -0400, Mark Guzman wrote:
> <snip> 
>> When is the next release of vim-ruby?
> When you're ready. If you like I can make a release in the next 6 hours
> or so...
> Regards,
> Doug
> PS. You'll know this being a rails user... I just added filetype
> detection for RJS and RHTML files. From a very quick look it seems
> they only ever contain plain ruby code?
> Are there any other 'filetypes' that need supporting?
No other filetypes that I can think of. I'm game for a release, anything
else I can do?

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