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Mark Guzman segfault at
Thu Apr 20 02:42:56 EDT 2006

I've updated my site and posted announcement messages to the rails &
ruby-talk mailing lists regarding a new released version.
It's checked into cvs, and seems to complete in-buffer classes properly
along with initial rails support.
There was a bug due to apostrophes  when completing symbols globally
that has now been fixed. In addition I got a patch
adding smarter Regex detection which has been included.

Initial rails support will load the rails environment within vim when a
completion is requested from a file in a rails project. This is
optional and off by default. Loading rails takes a little bit of time so
I felt it was best left up to the end user to enable knowingly.

The next steps as I seem them involve modifying the code to take
advantage of the dictionary we're using to return the completions.
Information about types and descriptions can be added to the menu. This
will require the retooling of the irb/complete section of code.

When is the next release of vim-ruby?

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