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Wed Apr 19 21:11:51 EDT 2006

On 4/20/06, Mark Guzman <segfault at> wrote:
> Everyone,
>   Please take a moment and look over ft-ruby-omni in the attached file.
>   --mark

My suggested replacement for the relevant section is below.  I aimed
for a style that's consistent with the rest of the Vim online help.

It should be viewed in Vim with ':set filetype=help' to see the highlighting.

BTW Mark, your prelim documentation mentioned that object specific
completion would be done after any of {. : ::}.  What is ":" supposed
to do?


P.S. Please only send the relevant text in future.  The attachment
before was so large that Mailman asked me to approve it before it
could be posted to the list!

== begin

RUBY                                                    *ft-ruby-omni*

Completion of Ruby code requires that vim be built with |+ruby|.

Ruby completion will parse your buffer on demand in order to provide a list of
completions.  These completions will be drawn from modules loaded by 'require'
and modules defined in the current buffer.

The completions provided by CTRL-X CTRL-O are sensitive to the context:

          CONTEXT                          COMPLETIONS PROVIDED ~

 1. Not inside a class definition    Classes, constants and globals

 2. Inside a class definition        Methods or constants defined in the class

 3. After '.' or '::'                Methods applicable to the object being

 - Vim will load/evaluate code in order to provide completions.  This may
   cause some code execution, which may be a concern.
 - In context 2 above, anonymous classes are not supported.
 - In context 3 above, Vim will attempt to determine the methods supported by
   the object.

== end

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