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Mark Guzman segfault at
Sun Apr 16 19:30:45 EDT 2006

Nikolai Weibull wrote:
> Actually, this isn't the right solution I think.  The whole cWORD
> problem happens whenever a symbol is preceded by whitespace, not only
> when at the beginning of a line.  One solution that works is calling
> VIM::command('normal! h') if the string is empty and then expanding. 
> That way the cursor will be over the dot in ":x." and it will expand
> to the correct string.  I really think that this should be fixed
> inside Vim instead, but Bram can't replicate our issue, so perhaps
> there something more to it than a simple bug in expand().
>   nikolai
cWORD worked at the begining. I've added code to left trim the string
and check if its empty at that point. If cWORD is still showing the same
problem then the ruby code will grab the whole current line and attempt
to operate on that instead. Once there is a solution to the cWORD bug,
the code will cease to operate. It does indeed work, as I've used it
while testing the cWORD bug and the in-buffer class completion stuff. I
may take a crack at fixing the cWORD issue in vim, once i grab the
latest snapshot.

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