vim-ruby feels too slow

Doug Kearns dougkearns at
Wed Apr 12 04:25:17 EDT 2006

G'day Eric,

Sorry for the slow response.

On Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 01:56:37PM -0700, Eric Hodel wrote:
> I remember first using vim with ruby highlighting and indenting on a  
> Pentium 133 Laptop with 40MB of memory something like four years ago.

That'd be before I ruined it. ;-)
> I remember it being slow, but it was a Pentium 133 with limited  
> memory.  I didn't expect much.
> Now I have a 1.5GHz G4 powerbook with 2GB of memory.
> vim feels slower now than it did on that Pentium 133.

The highlighting is certainly slower than it was back then - it's doing
considerably more.
> I know that the indenting and highlighting are vastly improved for  
> vim, but it doesn't seem that it should be this slow.  Sometimes  
> opening a ruby file pegs my CPU for five to ten seconds (usually one  
> of the 100k internal Rails files).

Can you send me an example?
> Here's a semi-scientific concrete example that just shows starting  
> up.  I'll ignore editing because that's much more difficult to  
> quantify, but editing can be just as slow in certain sections of  
> files that take a long time to open.
> To start vim on my machine takes about 1/3 of a second, at best 1/5  
> of a second:

This seems awfully slow to me...
> $ time vim -c ':q'
> real    0m0.216s
> user    0m0.070s
> sys     0m0.110s
> $ time vim -c ':q'
> real    0m0.318s
> user    0m0.125s
> sys     0m0.153s
> I have a test suite with 391 lines in it for 13k:
> $ wc test/controllers/entry_controller_test.rb
>      391     917   13181 test/controllers/entry_controller_test.rb
> There's really nothing fancy in the file.  Just a class with a bunch  
> of methods, a couple of Hashes and strings and so-on.
> If I move all the ruby-specific vim-ruby files aside

You don't have any of the distributed files in $VIMRUNTIME?

<snip - 'performance' data>
FWIW, I'm not too surprised by these numbers. Do the other similar
syntax files perform significantly faster for you?

> For real punishment I can give you r2ctestcase.rb from ruby2c.

Can you forward this one to me, please?
> $ wc r2ctestcase.rb
>     1351    3522   51231 r2ctestcase.rb
> $ time vim -c ':q' r2ctestcase.rb
> real    0m3.985s
> user    0m2.788s
> sys     0m0.498s
> In case I'm actually doing something stupid in my .vimrc, here it  
> is.  I don't believe I've changed it substantially since I started  
> using vim.

I can't see anything obvious in there but you can always compare it to
vim -u NONE


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